Practitioner Lecture for Econometrics Course

The econometrics practitioner lecture will be held on Thursday, November 10, 2022, through zoom media. The Statistics Study Program of UNY presented Practitioners from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Reninta Dewi Nugraheni, M.Sc. The topic presented in this practitioner's lecture is "the use of econometrics in economics". Several things become points in this practitioner's lecture, including the basic theory of econometrics, the importance of studying econometrics, the anatomy of econometric models, several examples of research using econometrics, and economic indicators (monetary and trade indicators). Examples of research presented include case studies on stock returns, trading, and e-commerce. In presenting these case examples, the resource persons conveyed several ways to obtain economic research data, namely secondary and primary data. Secondary data is obtained from various parties who have provided data that can be accessed directly. While the primary data was obtained through the provision of questionnaires to respondents, and respondents provided feedback in the form of entries. According to Reninta, the compiled questionnaire is not necessarily without basis; it is necessary to find appropriate literature to arrange the items in the questionnaire so that the results obtained are accurate. After the presentation session, there were question and answer session. One of the students asked, "what should be done if a model is not good enough?". The resource person said there needs to be a re-examination of the data, whether the data is good enough (if the secondary data does not have blanks, etc.) or if it is necessary to re-examine the prepared questionnaires. With this practical course, students are expected to be able to implement the econometric theory they have learned in economics or other fields.

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