The continuity of the S1 Statistics study program, FMIPA UNY, is supported by a number of facilities, both managed by the faculty and the university.

Facilities managed by the Faculty include:

1. Lecture room, equipped with whiteboard, air conditioner, and LCD projector and screen.

2. Computer laboratory room, as many as three rooms.

3. The faculty library, which equipped with computers.

4. Student Activity Unit (UKM) room.

5. Canteen.

6. Parking lot.

7. Student discussion room.

8. Statistical Computing laboratory.

Facilities managed by the University include:

1. Internet service (WiFi) throughout the UNY campus area.

2. Digital Library with access to international journals as well as research results/final assignments for UNY students.

3. Libraries.

4. Student and Multicultural Center building for student activities.

5. Park and Foodcourt.

6. Indonesian Education Museum.

7. Plaza UNY.