The Participation of UNY Statistics Study Program Students in the National Statistics Seminar X, Department of Statistics, Padjadjaran University

Sunday, November 7th, 2021, students of the Statistics Study Program UNY 2018, presented their research articles at the National Statistics Seminar X with the theme "The Role of Big Data & Analytics in Start Up Industry on Era Society 5.0", which was organized by the Department of Statistics FMIPA Padjadjaran University ( The team consisting of Adi Setiawan, Retno Damayanti, Fabian Vito Pradipta, Hanan Albarr, Salsa-Billa Syahida Al-Hasania, Akdis Setiawan, Faradila Ilena Putri, Hidayat Setiawan, presented the results of the study entitled "Student Perceptions of Smartphone Positioning Based on Reasons for Purchase". This research was conducted using a sample of 155 students of FMIPA UNY and the data was obtained from a questionnaire. The results of the study using the Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) method found that there are four different groupings in the reasons for buying a smartphone brand. Vivo and Xiaomi brand smartphones have many reasons in common, namely storage capacity, RAM size, attractive appearance, screen size, economy, color quality and brightness (resolution), and user satisfaction. However, the Samsung and Oppo brands are different from the two brands earlier. FMIPA UNY students are more concerned with the level of compatibility with social media applications, compatibility with online meeting applications, and 4G networks. They are also suspected of being less interested in the iPhone brand, due to the reasons for purchasing that all brands tend to have these features.

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