STATement of July 2022

Statistics Study Program UNY held STATement activities on Monday, July 11st, 2022 in a virtual meeting. This STATEment event has been held for the second time, and is held at every break between semesters. This STATEment activity aims to provide information to all Statistics Study Program students at UNY (Class of 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018) regarding SATRIA DATA 2022, Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM), preparation for odd semester lectures for 2022/2023, and provisions for the 2020 Curriculum regarding Field Work Practices (PKL). Some of the information at the STATement event in July 2022 was conveyed by Mrs. Kismiantini, Ph.D. as Coordinator of Statistics Study Program UNY, Mrs. Rosita Kusumawati, M.Sc. as the Head of the Statistics Laboratory, and Mr. Ezra Putranda Setiawan, M.Sc. as a representative of the Quality Assurance, as well as the moderator this time, namely Mr. Bayutama Isnaini, M.Sc.

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