Adi Setiawan as Finalist of SATRIA DATA 2021 National Statistics Competition (NSC)

The National Statistics Competition (NSC) is a competition to train students in solving statistical problems broadly and analyzing data carefully so that they can provide the right solution for a given problem. In this competition, students are required to have high intellect, speed and accuracy in solving problems, and be able to convey the solutions offered well so that they are understood by the wider community. At NSC Satria Data 2021, this competition was attended by 312 participants. The highest number of participants from other competitions in Satria Data 2021. The NSC competition system in 2021 is not much different from the previous year. This competition begins with the preliminary round, semifinal round, and finally the final round. At the 2021 NSC, Adi Setiawan, a 2018 Statistics Study Program student, made it to the final round with the other 9 best students. In the final round which was held on November 25th, 2021, each participant presented the paper he had made in the semifinal round. After the presentation session, a question and answer session was held with very senior judges in their field, and at the end of the session a Random Question was held, participants chose numbers 1 to 10, and from each of these numbers there was 1 question that the participant had to answer within 2 minutes. Adi Setiawan presented his paper entitled "Analysis of the Number of International Tourists in Indonesia in 2020 using Multiple Regression Analysis".

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