Socialization of the Preparation of Field Work Practice Reports (PKL)

Undergraduate Statistics Study Program, Department of Mathematics Education, FMIPA UNY held a socialization regarding the preparation of Field Work Practice Reports (PKL). This activity was carried out offline in the FMIPA UNY building on Wednesday, January 25 2023. This activity targets students of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 FMIPA UNY Undergraduate Statistics Study Program who have not completed their PKL reports. This activity was also attended by several lecturers who were also PKL supervisors. The main speaker in this activity was Mrs. Kismiantini, Ph.D as the PKL Coordinator of the UNY Statistics Study Program.

Mrs. Kismiantini, Ph.D conveyed several things regarding the preparation of PKL Reports in accordance with the UNY PKL Report Guidelines. He also informed students about the change in the status of Yogyakarta State University, which was previously PTN-BLU (Public Service Agency State University) to PTN-BH (Legal Entity State University). This will also affect the writing of "Department of Mathematics Education" in the PKL report which changes to "Department of Mathematics Education". He discussed in detail each content in the PKL Report, starting from the front, main section, to the end. Based on the guidelines for preparing a PKL Report, the front part contains the title, validation page, foreword, table of contents, summary (abstract). Then, the main section contains Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter II (Literature Review), Chapter III (PKL Methods), Chapter IV (PKL Results and Discussion), and Chapter V (Conclusions and Suggestions). The final section consists of a bibliography and appendices. He always reminded students to look for references from primary and trusted sources, and not to forget to include them in the bibliography. At the end of the activity, Mrs. Kismiantini, Ph.D, who is also the PKL Coordinator, really hoped that students would quickly complete the PKL Report and emphasized to students to prepare the report in accordance with the existing guidelines for preparing PKL Reports.

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